About Simply Delicious

FullSizeRender (2)Hello! My name is Julia, and I’m an amateur cook who loves experimenting with any and all flavors. I fell in love with food around the same time my mom stopped packing my lunch. Free from the peanut butter and jelly rut, I began to experiment with different flavors, seasonings and more to create some of my favorite meals. Ten years and many bagged lunches later, I interned with a food publication and was immediately immersed in all that food has to offer. I started browsing through recipes in magazines and found that their ingredient lists didn’t always make things clear for the most amateur of chefs. That’s when I started Simply Delicious Blog — a blog that features tasty recipes but doesn’t require anyone to have any true knowledge of the food world. Never be afraid to explore your kitchen. I believe there is a food niche out there for everyone; I want this blog to help discover it.

Now, Simply Delicious Blog has expanded its horizons and started a new health & fitness section. Check out topics like mental health, nutrition, and fitness while you’re here!

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