creamy buffalo chicken dip

There is one appetizer that always draws a crowd from my family and friends: buffalo chicken dip. Yes, I think I’ve made it clear that I am totally obsessed with anything buffalo chicken. This dip is no exception. With only five simple ingredients, it’s a go-to for any friendly gathering. From Christmas Eve to just another night out with friends, the buff chick dip always … Continue reading creamy buffalo chicken dip

buffalo cauliflower bites

It’s no secret that I love buffalo anything, which is exactly why I create buffalo just-about-anything. The sad truth is that most of my buffalo recipes aren’t as healthy as they could (should) be. But hey, we all need a cheat day sometimes. Anyway, for the non-cheat days, I decided to make up this healthy buffalo cauliflower recipe…and please don’t run upon seeing the word … Continue reading buffalo cauliflower bites

buffalo chicken wontons

When I was younger, I always looked up to my big sister (and still do, of course). I did everything she did. She played the piano, so I played the piano. She played field hockey, so I played field hockey. She ordered buffalo chicken pizza, so I ordered Buffalo chicken pizza. And that’s how I discovered the heavenly flavor of Buffalo sauce. We were at … Continue reading buffalo chicken wontons