Spicy Soppressata Pizza

When I was in college, I worked in a pizza place—there is one every 500 feet in New Jersey. However, this wasn’t any kind of pizza place. It was actually an artisan, wood-fired pizza place. A high, high step above Pizza Hut (no offense, Pizza Hut). My boss went to Culinary Institute of America, and it was from watching these pizzas made every day that … Continue reading Spicy Soppressata Pizza

chocolate candy bar pretzels

These three-ingredient pretzels are the perfect sweet treat when you’re looking for a simple dessert. Get the recipe below!   Ingredients: 12-15 ounces dark chocolate 12-15 large, salted pretzels 4 cups crushed candy bars Directions: Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Dip pretzels in chocolate, then dip in crushed candy. Set on tin foil and refrigerate at least 1 hour. Optional: spray tin foil lightly … Continue reading chocolate candy bar pretzels

jalapeño crab poppers

Labor Day Weekend truly is the Sunday of the summer season. It’s always hard to say goodbye to endless beach days, barbecues and that one pair of Old Navy flip flops that has seen more adventure this summer than a pair of shoes could imagine, but there is so much excitement that awaits in the fall. For this year’s Labor Day barbecue, I wanted to … Continue reading jalapeño crab poppers

big & cheesy mozzarella sticks

Americans love cheese, and I am no exception. Fried cheese curds are a personal favorite, but in New Jersey, cheese curds are extremely hard to come by—although we do have some amazing cheese makers in this state (very few of whom actually produce cheese curds). When cheese curds aren’t available—which is pretty much always—fried mozzarella makes the perfect appetizer. Football season is finally back; preseason … Continue reading big & cheesy mozzarella sticks

what’s the deal: gluten free

The gluten-free trend has taken off in recent years. Food brands are advertising “gluten free” on any and all foods that don’t contain this mysterious ingredient; most restaurants have now added gluten free options and, in some cases, entirely separate menus showcasing gluten-free dishes. Everywhere you turn, someone is starting a new gluten-free diet. It’s time to find out: what is gluten, and what’s the … Continue reading what’s the deal: gluten free