5 Tips to Make Meal Prep Much Easier

You know the feeling: You want to meal prep, but you don’t even know where to start. Luckily, prepping for the week is super easy—as long as you know what to do. Follow these quick tips to make meal prep a breeze and stay healthy all week. Keep the grocery list short We all know the feeling of buying an entire can or container of … Continue reading 5 Tips to Make Meal Prep Much Easier

pulled pork & cheddar wontons

It’s hard to deny my love for wontons (it’s gotten to the point where I should just make a “wontons” category on the blog’s homepage). It’s nearly as strong as my love for buffalo chicken. The thing about wontons is, you can throw pretty much anything into this little dough wrapper, fry it up (or bake it, as I typically do), and it will almost … Continue reading pulled pork & cheddar wontons