Classic New England Lobster Rolls

I spent the weekend in Newport, Rhode Island for my friend’s birthday. Naturally, I had to indulge in at least one lobster roll. Around here, they’re about $20-$25 each, but it’s worth every penny. Although Maine is the lobster capital of America, these Rhode Island lobster rolls were still delicious. So delicious, in fact, that they inspired me to come home and cook up some … Continue reading Classic New England Lobster Rolls

Grilled Scallops in Rosemary Garlic Cream Sauce

I’ve always disliked scallops. They were always too fishy for me, and when I was younger, the texture weirded me out a bit. But if they’re cooked absolutely perfectly, I can eat a few and enjoy them. My family loves scallops; especially my mom, who orders a scallop dish almost every time we go to a seafood restaurant. I thought that maybe if I coated … Continue reading Grilled Scallops in Rosemary Garlic Cream Sauce

jalapeño crab poppers

Labor Day Weekend truly is the Sunday of the summer season. It’s always hard to say goodbye to endless beach days, barbecues and that one pair of Old Navy flip flops that has seen more adventure this summer than a pair of shoes could imagine, but there is so much excitement that awaits in the fall. For this year’s Labor Day barbecue, I wanted to … Continue reading jalapeño crab poppers