three-ingredient peppermint bark

Cooking has always been something that’s so relaxing to me. I never got frustrated over meals that took an hour to prepare; I always love the aromas that cooking creates and have no problem savoring them for as long as possible. However, I do love a recipe that tastes delicious and requires hardly any effort.

A few months ago, I published a recipe for cherry almond coconut bark. Now that it’s the holiday season, I decided to give my usual bark a merry twist with this peppermint, white chocolate and milk chocolate bark (that’s right, only three ingredients). It’s super easy to make and the perfect treat to bring to any holiday party.



10 oz. milk or dark chocolate

10 oz. white chocolate

4 candy canes

Lay tin foil along the bottom of a 9×9-inch pan and spray with cooking spray. Then, melt the milk or dark chocolate in 50-second intervals until fully melted. Evenly spread the chocolate in the pan, then freeze for 20 minutes. Melt the white chocolate, then let cool for 10-15 minutes (stirring occasionally). Crush candy canes with a meat cleaver or rolling pin. Pour white chocolate over top of milk or dark chocolate, then sprinkle candy cane pieces over top. Freeze for one hour, then break apart and serve.


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