How to Host the Perfect Girls’ Night – Featuring Skinny Bkinny Wines

When you offer to host your friends for a girls’ night, it’s easy to get caught up in every minor detail. You want your guests to feel comfortable and have plenty to snack and sip on, but the planning process can be a major headache. I’ve partnered with Skinny Bkinny, a healthier wine that’s lower in sugar and calories than standard wines, to give you the skinny on everything to include in your next girls’ night. 

Skinny Bkinny wines are lower in sugar and calories than typical wines.

Offer two main snacks, plus a simple third option

A night in with the girls doesn’t call for a five-course meal. The snacks should be casual; friends are coming over to socialize with a few glasses, so the food is important, but it’s essentially an afterthought. Keep things simple with two main appetizers, plus one easy snack. Try something such as Caprese skewers paired with ricotta crostini—there is no cooking involved, so both are easy to throw together after work. Plus, add in something simple, such as mixed nuts, pretzels, or chips for a quick third option.

The snacks should be simple yet decorative and delicious.

The décor sets the tone

If you plan on hosting several wine nights rather than a one-time event, it may be worth it to buy some matching serving plates and wine glasses—but there is no need to go crazy. It’s easy to find a matching set at an affordable price, plus it sets the tone and looks as though you planned much farther ahead than you actually did. The only thing you should need to replace over time are the cocktail napkins; if you buy them in a neutral color, such as white, they’ll go with anything.

If you’re having several friends over, it may be wise to invest in drink markers to ensure nobody confuses their drink with someone else’s. For an outdoor get together, a wine bucket you can fill with ice is always a good idea as well.

Wine nights with friends are better with Skinny Bkinny.

Enjoy Skinny Bkinny wines at your event for a fun, healthier choice

Don’t deprive yourself of a girls’ night simply because you think it’s unhealthy. It’s easy to offer snack options that are nutritious, but the sugar and calories in wine can be a turn off. Skinny Bkinny Wines are lower in both sugar and calories than other leading brands (they contain about half the sugar of Prosecco). Skinny Bkinny’s Light White is essential to Wine Wednesday—it has a refreshing, silky, fruity flavor that’s perfect for the spring and summer months. Plus, the wines are created with the environment in mind, right down to their eco-friendly bottles and labels; the grapes are only watered naturally by rain, so you can feel confident that you’re making a smarter choice for both your body and the environment.

Visit Skinny Bkinny’s website to purchase their wines, plus save on each bottle and get super fast, free shipping by joining one of their monthly clubs. For those who don’t love white wine, Skinny Bkinny also offers red and sparkling options.

Use code INSTA10 for 10% off your first purchase!

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