These Bad Habits Might Be the Reason You Can’t Sleep

If you’re one of those people who falls asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, you’re a special breed of whom everyone is jealous, and you should probably exit out of this article. But if you’re one of those who tosses and turns endlessly, you’re definitely not alone. Sleep deprivation can have several causes; some are more likely to occur than others. While … Continue reading These Bad Habits Might Be the Reason You Can’t Sleep

Eggplant Panini With Roasted Red Pepper Mayo

I love eggplant, but nine times out of 10, I end up making eggplant parm whenever I’m craving the diverse vegetable. The truth is, eggplant can be used in a ton of ways—and it’s especially delicious on salads or paninis. Today, I went with fried eggplant piled into a warm panini. I had originally planned to top the sandwich with arugula, mozzarella, and roasted red … Continue reading Eggplant Panini With Roasted Red Pepper Mayo

The Pros and Cons of a Home Workout

The idea of a home workout often sounds great in your head, but it doesn’t always execute well. You might have every intention of working out at home, but after a long day at work, it doesn’t sound as appealing as it did when you were trying to justify not joining the gym last week. However, there are some awesome perks to working out at … Continue reading The Pros and Cons of a Home Workout

Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken

I don’t love chicken, but I do love cream cheese. Honestly, I could probably just eat cream cheese right out of the container—but I don’t (usually). However, a cream cheese mixture cooked over chicken? That’s the type of protein I can get behind. This might not be the healthiest meal on the planet, but I’ll do a few extra situps at the gym tomorrow—tonight’s dinner … Continue reading Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken

5 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year (Without Sacrificing Foods You Love)

New year, new you—you’ll hear it everywhere for at least the next three months. When January rolls around, everyone flocks to the produce aisle, crowds the gym, and cuts back on junk food in order to finally meet that health-minded New Year’s resolution they’ve been telling themselves about for years. While it’s never a bad thing to develop a healthier lifestyle, it definitely isn’t easy. … Continue reading 5 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy in the New Year (Without Sacrificing Foods You Love)

Savory Pepperoni Pizza Crescent Rolls

Sunday football is much less exciting without snacks. And this past Sunday, I was craving a savory snack that wouldn’t require too much effort. I’d had some leftover pizza ingredients from a pizza I had made earlier in the week, but I didn’t have any dough. I did, however, have some of those delicious Pillsbury crescent rolls (the most exciting part is popping the can, … Continue reading Savory Pepperoni Pizza Crescent Rolls

Homemade Mini Pasta Bar

Pasta is one of the world’s greatest comfort foods. Now that it’s well into September, those temperatures are finally starting to cool down a bit, which calls for warm, hearty meals. But sometimes, it’s hard to decide which type of pasta sauce I’m in the mood for. Plus, if I’m cooking for a group, not everyone always agrees on what to have for dinner. (My … Continue reading Homemade Mini Pasta Bar