Chipotle cheddar macaroni & cheese

Mac & cheese has always been my favorite food. I remember feeling so empowered when I was little, whenever my mom would let me take the reins and stir the powdered cheese sauce into the perfectly cooked Kraft noodles. Yes, it’s pretty easy to make boxed mac & cheese, but when you’re young, cooking anything alone is an accomplishment. I’ve upped my cooking game a … Continue reading Chipotle cheddar macaroni & cheese

big & cheesy mozzarella sticks

Americans love cheese, and I am no exception. Fried cheese curds are a personal favorite, but in New Jersey, cheese curds are extremely hard to come by—although we do have some amazing cheese makers in this state (very few of whom actually produce cheese curds). When cheese curds aren’t available—which is pretty much always—fried mozzarella makes the perfect appetizer. Football season is finally back; preseason … Continue reading big & cheesy mozzarella sticks

what’s the deal: gluten free

The gluten-free trend has taken off in recent years. Food brands are advertising “gluten free” on any and all foods that don’t contain this mysterious ingredient; most restaurants have now added gluten free options and, in some cases, entirely separate menus showcasing gluten-free dishes. Everywhere you turn, someone is starting a new gluten-free diet. It’s time to find out: what is gluten, and what’s the … Continue reading what’s the deal: gluten free

baked coconut chicken with mango salsa

Last week, I went to Bahama Breeze with a friend because I found out they had piña coladas for $5 and half priced apps at happy hour—which, according to experts, is a great way to spend a weeknight. Need I say more? It reminded me of a trip I took a few months ago to Turks and Caicos. (Alright, a restaurant with a view of … Continue reading baked coconut chicken with mango salsa

what’s the deal: simple vs. complex carbohydrates

Ah, carbs—the foundation of everything delicious in the world. From thick-crust pizza to creamy macaroni and cheese to fluffy, fresh-baked donuts, carbs can be pretty hard to resist. But if you’re trying to avoid them, here’s the good news: you don’t have to completely cut carbs to stay healthy or lose weight; you just have to know the difference between which ones are healthy and … Continue reading what’s the deal: simple vs. complex carbohydrates