5 Ways to Be More Productive in the Morning

Waking up can be rough. We all know too well that dreaded feeling of hearing the alarm sound just as we’re deep into an awesome sleep.  So how can we make waking up a little more bearable? It’s all about having a productive routine—and not hitting the snooze button. You might not want to do all of these suggestions in the morning, so focus on … Continue reading 5 Ways to Be More Productive in the Morning

Girl Scout Cookie French Toast

They say the best time of the year is the holiday season, but I think Girl Scout cookie season follows in a close second. I ordered four boxes for myself this year—what’s $16 if it’s helping America’s next generation of female leaders, right? Totally worth the money. But with four boxes of cookies, I had some wiggle room to get creative. I woke up Saturday … Continue reading Girl Scout Cookie French Toast

Simple Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

The sad truth is that I don’t eat enough fruit. It’s always an option, but it’s almost always overlooked. Sometimes I scoop myself some peanut butter to eat along with a sliced apple, and I’ll admit I’m obsessed with chocolate covered strawberries, but unless there is some kind of incentive (like chocolate or peanut butter), I usually don’t go for it. We all know how … Continue reading Simple Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

classic choco chip pancakes

Breakfast has always been my least favorite meal. Whenever I go to a diner, even if it’s at 9am, I’ll never order breakfast food (my personal diner favorite? A classic BLT). With that said, I do enjoy the occasional sweet breakfast, such as stuffed French toast from my favorite old-time, beachside breakfast place, or fluffy, homemade chocolate chip pancakes. There’s nothing like the taste of … Continue reading classic choco chip pancakes

blueberry stuffed French toast

Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week. I don’t have to get up and go to work today, and I don’t have to get up and go to work tomorrow. It’s also the perfect time to cook myself a fancy breakfast (and photograph it for my blog if the lighting’s right!). Today, it was blueberry stuffed French toast. My favorite vacation spot, Ocean … Continue reading blueberry stuffed French toast