protein-packed avocado toast

It used to be hard to wake up in the morning and cook a decent breakfast—not because I wasn’t hungry (I’m one of those people who can eat the minute I wake up), but because I was often too short on time. I usually opted for a bowl of cereal, but my stomach was once again growling by 10am. Then, I learned how to soft boil an egg.

I had only ever hard boiled an egg, but soft boiling takes even less time and results in a gooey egg that pairs perfectly with a crispy piece of avocado toast. And yes, avocado toast is an extremely photogenic breakfast, but it’s also insanely healthy. It’s filled with carbs, protein, healthy fats, calcium and a ton of flavor.

This toast takes about 10 minutes to make. Everything can be prepared all while the egg is cooking, so as soon as the egg is ready, so is breakfast. I used to spend two minutes pouring myself a bowl of cereal, but 10 minutes to get a breakfast I’m actually excited to eat? Definitely worth it.

Healthy tip: Swap out white bread for whole wheat to get a solid dose of whole grains.

FullSizeRender (2)

1 slice of Italian bread
1 egg, soft boiled
1/2 avocado, sliced
1 tablespoon sweet onion, chopped
1 tablespoon cheese, shredded
Crushed red pepper & black pepper to taste

Toast bread to desired crispness. Meanwhile, place egg in hot water and bring to a boil; then cook for 3 minutes. Top bread with avocado, onion, cheese, egg and pepper. Enjoy!


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