Classic New England Lobster Rolls

I spent the weekend in Newport, Rhode Island for my friend’s birthday. Naturally, I had to indulge in at least one lobster roll. Around here, they’re about $20-$25 each, but it’s worth every penny. Although Maine is the lobster capital of America, these Rhode Island lobster rolls were still delicious. So delicious, in fact, that they inspired me to come home and cook up some … Continue reading Classic New England Lobster Rolls

grilled salmon topped with garlic spinach & Asiago

One of my all-time favorite dishes is fish and chips. There’s nothing like munching on beer-battered cod dipped in tartar sauce while sitting out at a beach bar overlooking the ocean. Luckily, that’s life when you’re at the beach, which is where I happen to spend every summer. But during this time of year, it’s hard to get that fish and chips fix, and even … Continue reading grilled salmon topped with garlic spinach & Asiago

baked stuffed cod

I grew up visiting the Jersey Shore nearly every weekend in the summer. And no, I wasn’t partying with Snooki. I have a lot of family down in South Jersey, and everyone knows that summertime is when South Jersey is at its best. Fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and, of course, fresh seafood. Crab cakes, lobster, tender scallops; you name it, the shore’s got it. But … Continue reading baked stuffed cod